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Triathlon Training Programs

Our experts can design a triathlon training schedule to suit your needs - from less than $1.00 per day. Simply choose from one of the options below. If the training programs below don't suit you - contact us for a tailored solution.

Triathlon Referral Program! If you refer a friend to our site and they purchase a program, we will give you a 30% discount off any triathlon training program of your choice. Simply contact us with the details.

Triathlon Coaching 


  • Weekly coaching fee - $15.00 JOIN NOW
  • Initial sign-up period - 6 weeks
  • Designed for athletes at all levels (beginner to professional)
  • Specific daily sessions, taking into account individual needs and goals
    (see sample triathlon training session - PDF/61Kb)
  • Periodised for multiple races and events
  • Comprehensive tailored triathlon training programs and testing, aimed at improving skills and performance (also available for; duathlon, aquathlon, swimming, cycling, and running) 
  • Technique drills and strength training routine (plus core stability exercises)
  • Performance analysis and feedback (where appropriate and available)
  • Unlimited email/phone support and advice on a number of topics (i.e. race nutrition, racing tactics, equipment etc)

General Triathlon Training Programs 

Special Offer! - If you are a member of any triathlon club listed here, you are entitled to a 10% discount on all general programs. Simply contact us with proof of membership when you place an order.

Important: These training programs are unique and very specific. They are different to any other programs of this type (see general triathlon sample - PDF/65Kb).

(Note: These programmes are 12 – 16 weeks in duration)

  • Great Value! Starting from just $50 per program
  • Designed by professional triathlon coaches and athletes
  • Periodised around major events and can be tailored to individual requirements
  • Suitable for athletes that need direction, but want to customise their own training schedule
  • Fully detailed daily training sessions that are based upon % of maximum heart rate
  • Training program is sent immediately upon approval of payment
  • Complete with technique drills and strength training regime (plus core stability exercises)
Choose from any of the 5 training programmes below:
12 Week Beginners Triathlon Training Program - $50 BUY NOW
  • Designed for beginners (novice triathletes) who wish to successfully complete a short course triathlon. This program centers on an 8-hour training week.

14 Week Sprint/Olympic Distance Triathlon Training Programs - $60 BUY NOW

  • Program A (12-hour training week). Designed for intermediate level athletes that are looking to improve their results, but are short on time.
  • Program B (20-hour training week). Designed for advanced level athletes with a view to racing at a competitive level. 
16 Week Half-Ironman/Ironman Triathlon Training Programs - $70 BUY NOW
  • Program A (16 Hour training week). Designed for intermediate level athletes that are looking to improve their results, but are short on time.
  • Program B (24 Hour training week). Designed for advanced level athletes with a view to racing at a competitive level.

Triathlon Consulting

We are now able to meet clients/athletes face-to-face in Newcastle for the following:

  • Swimming stroke, cycling, and running technique correction
  • Training sessions and testing (lactate testing now available!)
  • Altitude tent rental and Intermittent Hypoxic Training (IHT)
  • General advice and consulting inc. referrals to bike fit experts, sports nutritionists (dieticians) and exercise physiologists for V02 max testing etc (completed at Newcastle University)
  • Lectures and conferences
  • Much more!

Please contact us for a free quote and/or to arrange a time. Prices start from $30/hour.

Disclaimer: By following a general triathelon training guide, you agree that you are in good physical condition and waive any responsibility on the part of Training Smart Online and it’s associates for injury or otherwise. You follow the triathalon training manual at your own risk. For the best results, Training Smart Online recommends a personalized & customized triatholon training plan (triathalon coaching) that takes into account your individual needs, goals, and circumstances. We accept no responsibility for injury caused (either directly or indirectly) by; athletes undertaking incorrect triathelon training practices, athletes not following their triatlon training programme correctly, or triatholon related accidents.  Important: We reserve the right to change any of our prices without notice.

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