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"NEWS FLASH" - The 2005 World Duathlon Championships will be held in Newcastle (our home town)! Sign up for coaching now, and receive a specific customised duathlon training program for this race (we know the course - and the bike will be hilly).

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  • Do you need a triathlon training program that works?
  • Are you tired of training hard and not getting results?
  • Just starting out and need direction with your training?
  • Wishing you had a triathlon coach to provide advice and motivation?

You need! 

We design triathlon training plans that work! We cater for ALL ABILITY LEVELS (beginner to elite), WORLDWIDE. Our company is founded by professional triathletes & coaches with the desire to achieve, and the results to prove it. Our expert triathlon coaches can design you an affordable, customised triathlon training schedule that helps you to achieve your goals - whether that be winning or simply finishing.

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Our triathlon coaches can design you a training program for:

- Long Course, Half-Ironman, and Ironman Triathlon
- Olympic Distance Triathlon
- Sprint/Short Course Triathlon
- Aquathlon
- Duathlon
- Swimming, Cycling, and/or Running

Boyd Conrick (pictured left) has won over 50 international triathlon events during his career as a professional triathlete. In his first ever Ironman triathlon, Boyd finished in a time of 8:59. This result was achieved in the 2004 Forster Australian Ironman Triathlon. Prior to his recent switch to long course racing, Boyd was the NSW State Olympic Distance Triathlon Champion. See Boyd's results.

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