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Athlete Profiles

Triathlon - Nick Lacaria

Nick Lacaria
Nick Lacaria is an accomplished triathlete, with a extensive background in weight lifting. He is also a member of South Charlotte Triathlon Club, in the USA. Nick plans to focus on the half ironman distance this season, with the goal of finishing the White Lake Half Ironman Triathlon in May 2005. In 2006, he is looking towards a solid finish in the full ironman triathlon. A keen and dedicated triathlete, Nick has previously finished 3rd in his division of the Triangle Triathlon. With strengths in the swim and bike, Nick joined our team early this year to improve his ability to hold pace in the run and to also determine his optimal training zones.
Nick's motto is "training without a plan is like travelling without a map; you don't know where you are going without either". 

  Triathlon - Lisa Z

Lisa Zaffarese
Lisa is a competitive age-group triathlete and a member of San Francisco Triathlon Club. Her plan for the 2005 season is to focus on the Olympic and Half Ironman distance, and to peak for both the Auburn International in May and the Big Kahuna Triathlon in September. Lisa has strengths in swimming and hill climbing on the bike. She joined our team early in 2005 and is looking to improve her core strength and speed on the flat.

Sarah Bergbreiter
Sarah is a graduate student from the USA. She took up the challenge of triathlon in 2004, competing in the 'tri for fun' event. Her goals are to complete the running leg without walking and to perform well in the 2005 Treasure Island Olympic Distance Triathlon in November. Sarah is a also a strong swimmer, with a background in swimming and water polo.

Triathlon - Ron Bar-Tor

Ron Bar-Tor
Ron is an engineer from Israel. His focus this year is to progress from the sprint distance into Olympic distance triathlon. Ron is looking to perform well in the 2005 Israel National Titles.
n has a strong cycling leg, and is looking to improve his swimming and running performance this season. The high degree of self-motivation and confidence that he exhibits will certainly aid him in the process.


Triathlon - Simon Webber
Simon Webber
Simon is a building estimator from NSW, Australia. He joined our team in 2005 with the goal of breaking 11 hours for the Ironman triathlon. Simon aims to do this in the 2006 Australian Ironman triathlon, Port Macquarie. With several Ironman triathlons already under his belt, and a high level of self motivation, Simon has what it takes to achieve his goals.

Triathlon - damien
Damian Rozenfeld
Damian is a high school teacher from NSW, Australia. His goal this year is to finish strongly in the Gold Coast Half Ironman triathlon. In 2006, Damien is aiming for a personal best time in the Australian Ironman triathlon, Port Macquarie. With a solid year of training under his belt, this goal will certainly be achievable.

Daniel Brauer - Ironman Triathlon
Daniel Brauer
Daniel is an engineer from Forster in NSW, Australia. After only 1 year in the sport, Daniel recorded a time of 10:51 in the 2005 Forster Ironman triathlon. He joined our team in June 2005, with the goal of achieving 4:45 in the 2005 Gold Coast Half Ironman triathlon. Daniel is a strong swimmer and runner, however his aim is to improve his transitions and the ability to change pace in each leg.




Matthew Evans
Matthew is a motivated triathlete from Wales in the UK. He comes from a strong running background, having completed 6 marathons in the past. His major goals for 2005 include improving his cycling leg, and finishing the Zurich Ironman Triathlon in July.  



John Doran
John is a beginner triathlete, and joined our team in late 2004 to learn how to train correctly for triathlon. Since that time, he has improved steadily and recently competed in the Newcastle Foreshore Triathlon, where he finished in the top 60 of his category. John is also a member of Mingara Triathlon Club, in NSW Australia. His focus now is to improve his strength on the bike and race well in the Sparke Helmore Triathlon on March 20. Later in the year, John aims to place in the top 10000 of the City to Surf Fun Run and Sydney to Wollongong ride.